Man Says Friend Asked Him To Venmo $3 For Uber When He Paid For $17 Drinks, Sparking Debate

A TikToker revealed his friend asked him to Venmo her $3 for an Uber ride. He reminded her in response that he spent $17 on drinks during their outing.

Jono (@jono.d.guts), who has 11,000 followers, posted screenshots featuring the text messages between him and the friend.

“Can you venmo me $3 for the Uber???” she questioned.

“I bought everyone $17 drinks last night,” Jono responded, according to the screenshots.

“Yea but i payed for the uber,” the friend said.

Jono reiterated the cost of the drinks.

“$17,” he simply wrote back.

She sent a sole question mark back, to which he reiterated the cost of the drink one more time, spelling it out for her this time.

“For like 8 people,” he said in one text before following it up with: “Seventeen dollars.”

She questioned if he was really not going to Venmo her.

“You’ll be aight,” he ended the conversation.

His video went viral, with over 900,000 views.

The friend actually appears to be a “friend of a friend,” as she stated at the beginning of the conversation that she got his number from a mutual friend. The TikTok is similar to another one that went viral earlier in the week. That TikTok also featured a Venmo request from a “friend of a friend,” but for $2.47 for gas. The request had the TikToker who posted it lamenting: “Friends of friends getting way too bold.”

Both videos had viewers claiming what they would do if they were in either position.

One user commented under Jono’s video, “I would have been like, ‘Sure, but in return, can you send me the $17 for the drink?’”

“As an adult I would be so embarrassed to ask any other adult for $3,” another said.

“Send her 300 transactions for $0.01 over the course of a week,” a third suggested, to which Jono responded: “That’s the best damn suggestion here.”

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