‘Why Are You Guys Giving Notice. The Company Doesn’t Care’: Worker Says She Was Fired Same Day She Gave 3-weeks’ Notice

The conversations around work culture are stirring online debates now more than ever, with Gen Zers making it their mission to expose toxic workplaces on social media. The latest to join the slew of TikToks on company toxicity is creator Jing (@_jing.yang_).

In a viral video that has garnered 1.8 million views, Jing claims she was fired on the same day she gave her three-weeks’ notice.

“Giving my boss a 3 week notice before quitting because I’m nice and so she has time to find someone new,” the overlay text reads in the first clip. “Fires me that day,” the text in the second clip reads.

Jing’s video has gotten over 2,000 comments, with viewers enraged on her behalf.

“I love how they always act SO SHORT STAFFED but then have no problem screwing the staff over to be retaliatory,” one user wrote.

“Had a job give me a trainee. I spent 3 weeks training her and then they fired me on her last training day. I trained my replacement,” another user shared.

“If I knew it was my last shift I would have broken all the plates and cups before I left,” the creator replied to a comment.

Others claimed the employer’s motion to immediately terminate was illegal and urged Jing to file a claim.

“[That’s] actually illegal! They have to pay your wage or [severance] until the end date that you put,” a user wrote.

However, in the U.S., most workers are employed at will, which means a company can terminate one’s employment at any time for any reason (except discrimination). In a duet to the creator’s video, one financial coach says just that.

In his video, Canadian millionaire coach Jim Chuong (@jimchuong) says one shouldn’t give notice since the company doesn’t care as it’s a business.

“Americans are at-will employment. They can fire you because they don’t like your face,” he says.

“Performance reviews don’t matter, your job title doesn’t matter, your accomplishments at work don’t matter,” he continues. “Everything that’s structured around an employee’s life at a corporation is for the smooth operation of the business, for the benefit of shareholders. Not you.”

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