Women Camp Outside Of Hotel Room To Catch Boyfriend Cheating, Sparking Debate

Brielle (@lovebrielle) received over 13 million views on a video of her and some girlfriends waiting outside a hotel room door, captioned, “Waiting to catch him cheating.”

The comments were filled with opinions about what she and her friends were doing, quite a few saying they would love to join and others taking it more seriously.

One user commented, “Never been more proud of the sisterhood.”

“Why does no one like to be petty these days? It’s so fun,” a viewer wrote.

Another user wrote, “Girl, just leave him. Not worth the stress, you deserve so much better.”

A number of comments kept referencing that this video reminded them of the book “All Your Perfects” by Colleen Hoover, a romance novel about a troubled marriage.

A viewer wrote, “POV [point of view]: First chapter of “All Your Perfects.”

“Straight out of a Colleen Hoover book, “All Your Perfects,” another user commented.

Brielle followed up with another video addressing the comments and clarified what was happening. She made it clear that the hotel room was for her friend’s boyfriend and not hers, and that it “wasn’t weird for her to show up” because the couple does that to one another, “in a non-obsessive way.”

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