Teacher Who Says She Was Fired After Making A Tiktok With Her Students Goes Viral

While users on the internet have TikTok to thank for many viral songs and dance trends, some have had a less than positive experience on the platform. Stories of people getting fired for posting TikToks on the job have made waves on the platform, with users from all over the world sharing their stories of how the app led, in one way or another, to their unemployment.

Recently, another story was added to this trend by user Jania (@heyniaa_). In the now-viral video, Jania explains how a single TikTok led to her losing her job before eventually posting the offending TikTok.

Jania’s video on the topic currently has over 181,000 views.

In the video, Jania explains that she was working as an English as a second language teacher when two students asked to eat lunch in her classroom.

After she obliged, the students asked to make a TikTok with her.

“This is a simple little dance,” she says of the video. “I am a dancer. I wasn’t shaking nothing. It was so PG.”

Jania made the video with her two students and continued with her day. Soon, however, the students were called into the principal’s office and asked to remove the video, which they did.

Jania was also called to see the principal, with whom Jania admits she did not get along. After being told her behavior was “unprofessional,” Jania was reported to HR and eventually fired.

In a follow-up video, Jania says her firing was actually fortuitous, as it allowed her the opportunity to explore working in the travel industry, which she says she loves.

“I would do all of this all over again to end up where I am,” she says in the video.

The student who asked to record the TikTok with her even wrote her an apology letter.

Finally, Jania posted the TikTok that got her in trouble, which features her dancing with two students.

In this video, Jania also speculates that it wasn’t really the TikTok that got her fired, and that the principal would have found another reason to fire her even if the TikTok were not made.

“It didn’t matter what the video was doing. I could have just been sitting there, not doing nothing,” Jania states. “She was going to find something…”

In comments, users supported Jania and wished her the best in her continued work.

“Exactly, God makes NO mistakes!! This was a part of your journey sis,” wrote one user. “They mad they wasn’t a part of the tiktok.”

“Landed where it needed to,” another added. “Onto bigger better baby!!!!!”

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