‘They Coming Pick You Up Cause You Not Missing No Shifts’: Amazon Delivery Truck Drives Through Cemetery In Viral Tiktok

As Amazon prides itself on its startlingly fast delivery, the company takes great pains to optimize its driving routes. For example, it’s developed its own app called Rabbit, which organizes delivery information and directions into one easy-to-navigate app. While this does lead to faster deliveries, sometimes, it can result in Amazon vehicles driving through places one would not otherwise expect.

One such out-of-place vehicle recently went viral after being shared on TikTok. In a video posted by Washington-based user Maria (@spookachux_x), an Amazon deliverer drives through a graveyard.

“POV: you died and get Amazon primed to your grave,” Maria joked in the caption overlaying the video.

The TikTok currently has over 2.6 million views.

In the comments section, the jokes continued. Many referenced the notorious work culture of Amazon.

“They coming pick you up cause you not missing no shifts,” one user joked.

“Jeff came to see if the employee really died because he called out,” another echoed.

Others joked about Amazon’s Prime delivery service.

“Those subscriptions are a pain to cancel tho,” a commenter shared.

“They are dedicated to deliver to you no matter what,” a second added.

“You do know you can order tombstones on Amazon and they can drop it off,” a third noted.

One viewer pointed out that Amazon sells headstones and claimed it “can drop it off.” There are several listings for headstones on the platform, and the descriptions seem to back up the claim the company will deliver them to places like cemeteries. “Cemeteries require additional fee of 200.00 for delivery includes lift gate service,” one description states.

Other users recalled the strange places Amazon delivery drivers have been spotted.

“I see them at the strangest places,” one commenter claimed. “Like why would they be going backstage to a 5sos concert.”

“…I was a Amazon driver an that rabbit send u damn near to under world,” an additional user recalled.

“I got so sick of Amazon’s bs GPS that I dropped off packages in the middle of a field. took a picture and everything,” another alleged.

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