Dramatic Moment Adele Stopped Mid-Performance To Help A Fan In Trouble

Social media has praised Adele for halting her performance to help a concert-goer in distress.
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The 34-year-old singer took to the stage in Hyde Park, London on Friday (July 1) and while she was busy being a superstar, she still made sure to look out for her fans.

Adele stopped her performance after seeing that someone in the audience needed help and alerted security to take them out of the crowd.

The incident occurred as she sang the first line of the Oscar-winning James Bond hit 'Skyfall' to a crowd of 65,000 people at the BST Festival.

Watch the video below:

After noticing something was wrong, the 'Someone Like You' singer quickly held up her hand and said: "Hold on, stop, stop." She then asked fans: "Security, do you need security’s help?"

Adele then said to the stewards at the park: "Right in the middle there, can you see where they’re all waving? Can you see over there? Can you get in there?"

"They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming right through now," she assured the distressed fans, encouraging others to "make room". Once she knew the fan had been taken to safety, she then resumed her performance.

Fans are applauding the Grammy-winning musician for being so caring and have pointed out that not only did she call for a staff to rescue the fan, but she walked over so she could see what was going on.

One user wrote: "She literally was amazing doing this last night! & it wasn’t the only time this happened too! Give her so much credit for looking out for everyone’s safety!"

Grammy award-winning singer Novel said: "It’s actually not that "easy" to stop your whole set and performance, depending on your program director, your set up, lights, there’s a choreography & routine to how things work. And it’s amazing to see artists say, 'F*** that! Someone needs help, stop everything!'"

A third commented: "And THAT is how it is done."

A fourth chimed in and said: "If Adele won't stop a song in the middle and restart, THAT IS NOT ADELE."

Adele performed in England for the first time since 2017 and sang all her hit songs such as Rolling in the Deep and Easy On Me from her latest album, 30.

She will return to the London park on Saturday (June 2) for a second performance and will be joined by singers Kacey Musgraves and Gabrielle as special guests.

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