Woman Orders 150 Oreo Mcflurries From Mcdonald’s For Work Party, Sparking Debate

A worker filmed herself ordering 150 Oreo McFlurries from McDonald’s to celebrate all the July birthdays in her office.

Posted by @fashionpass, an account for a clothing rental company, the video shows a woman running to her local McDonalds to order 150 McFlurries for a celebration of July birthdays at the Fashion Pass office. With tax, the 150 Oreo McFlurries comes out to $593.70, according to a drive-thru order screen shown in the video.

“When your boss says to go get 150 McFlurries. You go get 150 McFlurries,” the text overlay reads.

The TikToker’s video was viewed over 1.3 million times. Most of the top comments on the video are critical, pointing to the strain of having to make 150 McFlurries.

“The fact that you did this in the drive thru is bold,” one said.

“Could’ve sent like 3-5 people to order at other locations but,” another suggested.

“If someone did this at my store I’d just quit,” an apparent McDonald’s worker claimed.

While some commenters were concerned that the Fashion Pass staffer placed the order and waited in the drive-thru to take it back to the office, she clarified to viewers in her comments section that she returned two hours later to pick up the soft-serve desserts. “We also picked these up throughout the day and got to celebrate all July birthdays,” she further clarified.

Other commenters remarked on the number of ice cream desserts ordered, joking that the @fashionpass order was similar to grade school math problems wherein shoppers purchase an inordinate number of a certain product.

“You’re the person from the math problems,” one commenter wrote.

Others joked that orders like this would explain why some McDonald’s ice cream machines weren’t working, as they are notorious for being unavailable, whether they are actually broken or not.

“So YOU’RE the person that’s breaking the ice cream machine?!” a user joked.

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