Worker Calls Out Bosses Who Take Issue With Her Leaving When Her Shift Ends

In a viral video, a TikToker shares her frustration with her workplace culture after they repeatedly ask her to stay back when her shift ends. As a cashier, Julia (@jvliabee) says she’s had to deal with constant teasing from co-workers and her bosses about leaving “right on the dot.”

“Why are bosses and even some other co-workers so offended when you try to leave on time?” Julia says in the video. “God forbid I work my scheduled work hours and leave on time.”

She explains she’s baffled that her colleagues don’t seem to understand her life does not revolve around her retail workplace.

“I have a life outside of work and I don’t wanna live and breathe and sleep at my job,” Julia says.

The creator shares her grievances about past jobs where they also asked her to stay back up to 40 minutes after her shift was scheduled to end.

“Schedule me that long or I’m leaving when I’m scheduled to leave what is the problem,” she says.

Julia’s video resonated with hundreds of users and has garnered more than 130,000 views.

In the comments section, others claiming to work in retail shared her resentment at the toxic culture some companies have instilled in the workplace.

“Biggest life tip: don’t ever go above and beyond for your job. don’t sacrifice your life and free time for it. ur just a replaceable number to them,” a top comment with more than 1,600 likes read.

“The whole POINT of a schedule is to be responsible and schedule things around it, so leaving ON TIME is absolutely not unreasonable,” another user replied.

“They’re pressed because you leaving on time means they could’ve but didn’t. They need you to stay to validate years of them staying late,” a third wrote.

When another viewer said leaving on time could be disrespectful, Julia was quick to shut it down in a follow-up video.

“It is my job to be on time for my scheduled and leave on time from my scheduled hours,” she says. “It is the manager’s job to hire enough help or be there to replace the help that they don’t have.”

Julia says it’s always a problem when she needs a day off or a shift covered, yet it’s expected of her to stay after her scheduled time.

“I’m not gonna sacrifice my free time for a job that would never do the same for me,” she says.

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