Woman Insists She Has Been Pregnant For 3 Years And 7 Months Despite Having Her Tubes Tied

You're about to meet a woman who appeared on Dr. Phil with a very peculiar problem. When she made her television debut, she told the host that she had been pregnant for three years and seven months.

Zona claims she had her tubes tied when she was 20 to prevent any further pregnancies. But at the age of 40, she says she was shocked to learn she was pregnant ... and stayed that way for nearly four years?!

Despite the fact doctors have consistently told Zona she was not pregnant — and administered pregnancy tests, blood tests, and ultrasounds to prove it — Zona told Dr. Phil that she had all the typical symptoms of pregnancy, from sore breasts to mood swings.

Above all else, she said it was the movement in her belly that kept her certain.

“The doctors are wrong,” Zona claimed. “I don’t care what medical degree they have. I am 1,000% certain that I am pregnant.”

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