Woman Gains Thousands Of Fans Thanks To Her Incredible Makeup Tutorials

One woman is taking TikTok by storm with her incredible makeup transformations.

Jessy Volk - who goes by the handle @jesthejemini on the platform - is a single mom from Saskatchewan, Canada. Over the last year, she's racked up over 23.5 million likes and 968,000 followers by showcasing her jaw-dropping makeup skills.

Most of Volk's TikToks are 'get ready with me' style videos, in which she starts out totally bare-faced, then ends up with a full face of makeup and immaculately styled hair.

In one video from last year that has been viewed over 11 million times, Volk begins by showing her natural face - pimples and all. We then watch as she applies several layers of primers, concealers, foundation, contour, and finally, eyeliner and mascara.

The finished result is a totally flawless look that completely covers any acne or pimples that were once visible:

In other popular videos, Volk skips the long process and simply shows her viewers a quick transition between her bare face and her fully glammed-up appearance.

Many users have been blown away by Volk's makeup skills. Thousands have taken to the comments section to gush over the dramatic transformation she is able to go through by using beauty products.

"That makeup is a work of art - just wow," one fan commented, while another gushed: "I think you are a magician with make up!"

"Man I live for your before and afters, you have serious skill," agreed a third.

Meanwhile, other viewers were most impressed by the way Volk shamelessly showed off her acne and pimples before she had covered them up with makeup.

"Results are always flawless but the way you normalize real skin," one person commented. Another agreed, writing: "People like you make me more confident about acne."

Unfortunately, not all of the comments on Volk's videos are positive, with some users feeling the need to criticize her for wearing so much makeup.

However, they haven't stopped Volk from showing off her beauty skills, and continuing to demonstrate what a wizard she is with a makeup brush.

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