Woman Is Accused Of Using Apple AirTag To Track Down And Murder Boyfriend

A woman has been accused of using an Apple AirTag to track down her boyfriend in a bar, according to an affidavit from a detective working on the case.
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The document alleges that once Gayln Morris had successfully tracked her boyfriend, Andre Smith, she found him chatting to another woman. Following an altercation, she then fatally struck him with her car in a parking lot, according to officials.

Gayln Morris allegedly had suspicions that her boyfriend was being unfaithful and so placed an Apple AirTag in his car to keep track of where he was going.

On June 3, 2022, Morris was said to have pulled up to the bar and asked someone outside if they had seen a man with dreads.

“She told him that her boyfriend, Andre Smith, had a GPS tracker and it showed he was there,” according to the affidavit. She then went inside the establishment and confronted Smith and the woman he was with.
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One bystander said that Morris had picked up an empty beer bottle and said "she had air-tagged and GPS followed Andre Smith, and that he had been cheating on her."

Witnesses said Morris then tried to attack Smith and the woman with the bottle, with a number of people filming the altercation. A bartender then proceeded to throw them out of the venue.

It all came to a head in the parking lot as Morris proceeded to get into her car and slam into her boyfriend.

"[A witness] said she looked out the window and saw Morris driving a car, and she pulled forward and clipped Smith, and he went down under the car, at which time, Morris backed over Smith then pulled forward and hit him for a third time," the affidavit read.

When the police arrived on the scene, Morris and Smith were still in the parking lot. Smith was pronounced dead around 1:00 AM.

After taking statements from a number of witnesses, police asked Morris if she had indeed hidden an AirTag in Smith's vehicle.

She at first denied the claim but then confessed when authorities said they intended to get a search warrant for her car.

“Morris then admitted that she had a tracker on his car, and stated that she placed it in the backseat of his vehicle near the cup holder,” the affidavit continued.

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