Tiktoker Says She 'pretends To Work' At Her Internship, Sparking Debate

“Pretending” like you’re working while at work is a real phenomenon, and there are studies that indicate employees are more likely to fake productivity when they are being monitored. Alecia, a TikToker who posts under the handle @leciakeys, reportedly finds herself doing that at her internship.

Other interns shared in the comments section of Alecia’s video that they experience the same thing, echoing her sentiments.

Some users shared how they pretend to look like they’re busy.

One commenter claims that they find themselves “constantly refreshing microsoft teams to show i’m available.”

Another said, “so this is a universal thing… glad to know i’m not alone.”

A third shared, “I’ve gotten really good at switching between my e-mail tab, my work email tab, and my boss’s email tab over and over again.”

Some commenters noted this fake-work atmosphere isn’t just limited to internships, but it also carries on into their “grown-up” jobs.

One commenter said, “This is me in my full time CAREER. It’s been 2 months and half the day is spent doing nothing.”

Another user pointed out that management does appreciate self starters, however, Alecia responded by saying that this is hard to do “when you have 0 direction.”

One TikToker had some words of advice for Alecia: “Nah appreciate the no work to do phase you’ll miss it.”

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