Amazon Driver Blasts Company’s Response After He Got Bit By A Dog

An Amazon delivery driver says his manager asked him to finish his delivery shift before seeking medical attention when he was bit by a dog on the job. He says emergency support also put him on hold for 10 minutes.

The driver, Justin Baker (@just10star) on TikTok, shared a video featuring some of his conversation with the emergency support operator. As of Thursday, that video received about 163,000 views on the social media platform.

In the video, Baker says he called his dispatcher at Amazon, but they told him he had to call Amazon driver support. When he called driver support, he says he was told he needed to call emergency support. Then, the emergency support team put him on hold for 10 minutes, he alleges.

He says when he finally got taken off hold by emergency support, the operator asked him “how are you?” after confirming his name.

“Obviously, I’m bad, Christine,” Baker says in a voiceover in the video. “I mean, how often do you get a response of ‘I’m good’ on emergency support?”

The TikToker says the operator asked him “a bunch of useless questions,” like whether the van he was driving was a branded Amazon van and what kind of shoes he was wearing at the time.

After his call with the emergency support operator ended, Baker says he called his manager, who asked if he could finish his delivery route before going to the emergency room.

Viewers couldn’t believe the manager would really make such a request to someone who needed medical attention.

“if my manager asked me to finish my route before going to the ER (if bad enough or dog has rabies.) I’d quit after getting treatment,” one viewer commented on the video.

Some viewers said the incident sounded like the opportunity for a lawsuit. In response to one such comment, Baker wrote, “Took [Amazon] 6 months to pay my hospital bills, ,wouldn’t answer my calls and they wouldn’t provide workers comp info until I called the state on them.”

Other alleged Amazon drivers resonated with Baker’s experience.

“Man Amazon drivers. I got bit by a pit out on route called my managers they asked if I was good told them I was good and finished rte,” one user wrote.

“I got bit on my route, called support, then took everything back to DS and drove to ER. Glad I got out of that job,” another user said.

In a comment on his video, Baker wrote that the dog bite “didn’t take any chunks but left several punctures from the teeth.”

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