Texas 5-Year-Old Dies After Being Left In Hot Car In Family's Driveway For Several Hours

A Texas 5-year-old has tragically died after being left unattended in a hot car.
The little boy, whose identity has not been revealed, was reportedly left in a car in the family's driveway for "several hours" while his mother prepared for his older sister's birthday party. He died on Monday.

Thomas M. Gilliland, senior deputy at the Harris County Sheriff's Office, told People the boy was pronounced dead at the scene. The child's death is under investigation.

It is unclear whether the child's mother will face charges.

"Homicide and Child Crimes-investigators were notified and responded to the scene," Gilliland said. "The case is still open and active, and investigators will meet with the Harris County District Attorney's Office to present their findings of the investigation."
The mother had reportedly taken the little boy to the store with her prior to his death. When they got home, the mother and older sister got out of the car and began preparing for the party. The boy remained buckled into his car seat.
The details of the story, or as to how the boy was forgotten, are unclear. But it may have been a horrific accident.

"[The mother was] excited, trying to get things together, and unfortunately this time the child did not make it out," Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. "Again, with the business of the activities that they were preparing for it took them a while to notice that the child wasn't in the house."
He also noted that the vehicle was a rental the family was using while their car was being repaired. He emphasized that the child may not have been able to get out because he wasn't familiar with that particular car's locks.

Monday was the hottest day this year in Texas so far at 102 degrees. Five children have died in the state this year after being left in hot cars.

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