Millie Bobby Brown Is 'So Down' To Play Halsey In A Biopic After Singer Shares Approval

Millie Bobby Brown has shared with her fans that she's "sooooo down" to play Halsey in a biopic if such a film were to get made one day.
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On Tuesday, the 18-year-old Stranger Things actor took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts on the prospect of playing the 'Without Me' singer.

Brown shared a clip with her 51.5 million followers on the app, featuring 27-year-old Halsey during their appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon started a conversation about who would play Halsey in a movie about their life.

The topic came up when Halsey mentioned that they met their partner Alev Aydin, who's a screenwriter by profession, after he was hired to write a biopic about their life. They told the host that their new song 'So Good' was written about Aydin.

“I was thinking of who could play you,” said Fallon about the biopic, before pulling out a photo of Halsey in costume as Eleven, Brown's character in Stranger Things.

“I mean, yeah, Millie would be great,” Halsey responded. “But I don’t really think I’m famous enough to cast Millie… It’s kind of uncanny how much we look alike. It’s like, ‘Oh no, we actually just look like sisters.’”

Halsey then added: "No, Millie would be so great. It's kind of uncanny how much we look alike. It's like, oh, no, we actually just look like sisters."

In any case, Brown captioned the clip: "sooooo down."
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Halsey has touched on the resemblance before, writing in a tweet earlier this month: “When are Millie Bobby Brown and I gonna play sisters in something this is getting out of hand.”

The singer-songwriter was a guest on The Tonight Show to promote their current tour, The Love and Power Tour. Aside from their lookalike, Brown; Halsey and Fallon also talked about their baby's apparent dislike for their singing voice and about their makeup line, About-Face.

Elsewhere in the interview, Halsey recounted their experience performing at Adam Sandler's daughter's bat mitzvah last month.

"First of all, it was the craziest bat mitzvah I've ever seen in my life," Halsey told Fallon. "As you would expect from Adam Sandler. It was like… I mean, it was like Coachella. I couldn't believe it. I was like, 'Wow, you guys booked me?' I was really honored."

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