‘Marketing Is So Powerful’: Starbucks Accused Of Repurposing Product In Viral Tiktok

A TikToker has sparked a debate about whether Starbucks’ cold foam drink topping is unique to the coffee chain after calling it “rebranded whipped cream.”

In a May 10 video, user Corbett (@corbettforyou) suggests in a text overlay that Starbucks created the cold foam product by giving whipped cream a new name, effectively repurposing an existing product. She calls it “absolutely genius” and says that “marketing is so powerful.”

“Whipped cream seems like a gluttonous treat I rarely deserve and a weird treat for 9am while cold foam sounds like a sophisticated choice for my daily coffee and a great way to start my day,” Corbett wrote.

With more than 857,000 views by May 31, the video prompted debate from commenters about the distinction between whipped cream and cold foam.

One user, who identified themselves as a Starbucks barista, said the two drink toppings are “literally the same thing.”

Another user disagreed, saying that “the textures are completely different it’s not the same lol.”

However, despite similar uses of both as coffee toppings, cold foam and whipped cream are different in their ingredients.

Cold foam, which was introduced in Starbucks stores nationwide in 2018, is made with nonfat milk, according to a Starbucks press release. The product is made by “blending nonfat milk until it is smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor without the cream,” the release states.

Whipped cream, on the other hand, is made with heavy whipping cream.

Some commenters compared the alleged reinvention to other glamorized foods like products called “avocado spread” rather than guacamole. One user called it “the mayonnaise to aioli method.”

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