Gas Station Tells Customers 'We Hate Our Prices Too' As Fuel Costs Near $5 A Gallon

As fuel prices continue to soar, one Minnesota gas station has decided to let their customers exactly how they feel about it.
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Per The New York Post, the national average price of gas is approaching $5 per gallon and, in as many as 21 states, unleaded fuel is costing even more than this.

Although Minnesota gas prices are slightly lower than the national - averaging out at about $4.72 last Thursday (June 9) - that doesn't mean Minnesotans are happy with the skyrocketing sums they're having to pay to power their vehicles.

In fact, one gas station was so fed up with the high prices - and presumably with customers complaining about them - that they decided to put up a sign letting everyone know just how they felt.

The owners of Murphy's Service Center erected a billboard outside their St. Anthony station. On it are emblazoned the words: "We Hate Our Gas Prices Too."

WCCO-TV chatted to gas-station owner Chuck Graff about the new sign. He explained that the sign was meant to show solidarity with their struggling customers.

"It’s just kind of our way of letting the customers know that we feel their pain," he told the outlet.

The sign has clearly done the trick. Many of Graff's customers appreciated the gesture, saying that they appreciate the sympathy when they pull in to buy gas.

"If you don’t have humor about it, you’re just going to sit there and cry," said Kyle Mohs, one of the station's customers. "There’s nothing they can do about it, either, so to pay $5 a gallon of gas, it hurts the wallet, but you have to."

Another customer, Daud Nooh, was similarly touched by the sign, saying: "It’s nice that they’re having fun with it. I mean, life has its challenges always, so it’s good to just put a little humor in life."

He went on to explain how the rising prices have prompted him to abandon his truck for a smaller sedan.

"With the other car I was driving, it cost $100 almost to fill up. With this one I’m driving here, it’s $50, so it’s a big drop-off," he said.

The past week has seen record gas prices nationwide 13 days in a row.

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