Sarah Palin Reveals She Has A Boyfriend After Moving On From 'Earth-Shattering' Divorce

Many people were surprised when former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her then-husband announced their divorce, and it turns out that perhaps the most surprised person of them all was Sarah Palin herself.
In an interview with the New York Post, Palin opens up about her true feelings surrounding the divorce. It's clear she still harbors confusion and pain about what happened, especially since it all began with an email.

Palin told the publication of the split, "It was the most earth-shattering, bizarre thing I could have ever imagined and it kind of remains so." She previously revealed that Todd Palin shared his plans to leave her via an email sent from his lawyer.

It also sounds like the two don't see much of each other these days, with Palin admitting that her ex-husband "spends his time with his girlfriend whom he's had for some time now."

But she has moved on herself. Palin has been in a relationship with former New York Rangers player Ron Duguay for some time. The two began talking after Palin reached out to her longtime friend for advice about a lawsuit she was involved in.

The trial took place in New York, and the pair would often spend time together. Palin says, "On my free time, he would walk all over New York and he would show me what he and the Rangers did back in the day, or at least where they did it."

She also shared that the two have been able to intimately bond: "Ron is the first person that I've ever even talked to about a lot of this personal stuff. So it's been helpful and refreshing to have Ron to talk to about not just politics, because he's got more common sense in his little finger than the collective in DC, but just about life."

Her boyfriend has also been on hand as she campaigns for a seat as a representative for Alaska in the US House. She adds, "He came to help me get my yard and property in order because he knows how busy I am with bustling down the campaign."

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