Pregnant Woman Criticized For Saying She Was Left ‘Grieving’ By Outcome Of Gender Reveal

A pregnant woman has been criticized online after she admitted she was left "grieving" by the outcome of her gender reveal.

On June 16, Nicole Shamlin took to her TikTok account to share a video of "what everyone saw at our gender reveal". In the first part of the clip, she and her husband are seen shooting a confetti cannon, which releases blue confetti - meaning the couple are expecting another baby boy.

Shamlin and her husband are then seen embracing as they celebrate the outcome of the gender reveal. Later however, the mom reveals how she really felt about not being able to welcome the baby girl she had been hoping for,

The video shows how "later that night", Shamlin sobbed in bed as she explained in the text overlay: "Me grieving the fact that I’m not getting my baby girl just yet."

She went on to say: "How can I love another boy?

Check out the video here:

"Will I be replacing my first son? How can I love two sons?" Shamlin added in the caption for the TikTok post: "Gender disappointment is real. "I only felt that way for a day. Now we are beyond excited and thankful."

She went on to explain: "I was actually way better the next day. I just needed time to process it that night. We are beyond excited and grateful!"

Some people didn't take too kindly to the post and slated the mom for supposedly not showing her unborn child unconditional love.

"This is sad. I went through years of IVF," one person wrote. "I was just thankful to have one live child. Healthy is what you should care about not the sex."

"I’m sure there are plenty of mamas who would take that boy off your hands!!" another added. "Also therapy works wonders!"

However, the video also received hundreds of comments from sympathetic users on the platform, who could related to how Shamlin was feeling.

One wrote: "I felt the same exact way when I got pregnant with my second son! From my experience he brought me and my oldest so much Joy and Happiness."

Another added: "You’re not alone, I was a sobbing mess for hours… I promise it’ll be okay."

A third commented: "Definitely understand the feeling. Going to have my 3rd boy in November, I was sad for a couple days but trusting in gods plan and we are so excited."

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