People Are Only Just Realising Johnny Depp Features On Oasis Album

Johnny Depp is known for his passion for music, having performed with Aerosmith and Alice Cooper.

The actor is also currently on tour with rock legend Jeff Beck, travelling around the UK and even playing at the Royal Albert Hall last week.

But his musical past goes back much further than most might think, with people only just realising that he once played on an Oasis song.

The band's 1997 album Be Here Now boasted some of Noel and Liam's best-loved tunes, including 'Stand By Me' and 'All Around The World'.

But it is a lesser-known track that has got people talking recently: 'Fade In-Out'.
Noel Gallagher asked Depp to perform on Oasis's 1997 album. Credit: Alamy
The 58-year-old was asked to help out on the album, playing slide guitar in a portion of the song... though it didn't go smoothly.

Speaking about Depp's involvement, Noel once said: "So the problem was, he came to London to record it, but he couldn't do it, cause he was doing, I don't know, I can't remember what he was doing at the time.

"So we only have it on cassette from this little portable machine we brought along... so the slide guitar solo is actually from, the first part of that song is actually from the tape, and then the bit where the drums come in is from the bit we recorded in the studio."

If you weren't aware of this little factoid, don't worry, you're not alone. Lot's of people weren't.

Writing on Twitter, one user said: "Wtf Johnny Depp played on an Oasis track?"

Another commented: "In the Oasis song fade away, the one who plays the guitar is Johnny Depp. I love the friendship of Johnny and Noel."
Depp is currently on tour with Jeff Beck. Credit: Alamy
"Johnny Depp was a guest guitarist on the band Oasis's song Fade In-Out," put a third.

While another added: "Fun fact: Johnny Depp has production credits on Oasis' third album."

Depp's recent performance alongside Beck didn't go down well with one fan, who likened the actor to a 'drunken pub singer'.

While James Pallister, 32, from Newcastle, told the BBC how much the 'crowd was behind' Depp and how he 'looked really happy'.

Nick Rowe had waited two years to see Beck play after the coronavirus pandemic meant there was a two year delay for his tickets.

The 64-year-old said: "Jeff Beck was excellent. The thing that spoiled the whole night was the talentless Mr Depp. He was like a drunken pub singer at one point.

"I don't know what Jeff Beck's thinking of."

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