Nurse Claims She Was Fired For ‘Insubordination’ After Not Picking Up Extra Shifts

A nurse on TikTok went viral this week after claiming she was fired for refusing to pick up extra shifts.

In the video shared by user Genie (@genevieve.96), she details the circumstances that led to her dismissal, which she claims were based on the fact that she, as a single mother, could not pick up extra shifts without first making sure she had childcare. The given reason for her firing was “insubordination.”

Her first video about the situation has over 211,000 views.

“On Thursday, I was at work, and my manager decided it was completely appropriate to come to our nurses’ station and demand that I pick up all these different shifts to help cover everyone else’s vacation,” Genie says.

“I tried telling her, ‘I can get back to you on this, but I can’t commit to anything right now because I’ve got two crotch goblins at home and I’m a single mom, and I have to make sure I have childcare,’” she explains. “I got fired because I was ‘insubordinate.’”

“Nursing right now is fucking hell. It is absolute fucking hell,” her video concludes.

This TikTok is another in a series of viral videos showing nurses becoming fed up with current working conditions. After undergoing emotionally and physically taxing extra work through the peak months of COVID, nurses say that their ‘thanks’ has taken the form of staffing cuts, a lack of funding for proper equipment, and higher pay for CEOs rather than improved treatment for the nurses.

One such video went viral earlier this year, featuring a nurse named Michael Hudson who quit his job and encouraged others to do the same.

“I’m encouraging healthcare workers, not just nurses, if you can leave your job, I think you should,” he told Yahoo! News. “I think that they should see that they need us more than we need them. And the system is already collapsed, but now they’re going to have to deal with the ramifications of that collapse.”

In a follow-up video, Genie says that she learned her “insubordination” was actually the fact that she talked to her higher-ups about her manager’s action. This was apparently enough to get her fired.

In comments under both videos, users encouraged Genie to report her employer for discrimination.

“That’s most definitely discrimination and I’d take it to HR and higher because that’s not cool,” wrote one user. “It’s not being subordinate at all.”

“Thats when you sue for discrimination because you told them you had kids and they retaliated,” agreed another.

More users pointed to this video as being the true reality of the supposed labor shortage.

As one user wrote, “Tell me again we are in a labor shortage?! nope. management just isn’t getting away with abusing employees anymore.”

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