Mom Sparks Debate After Piercing Daughter's Ears One Day After She Was Born

A new mom has divided viewers on social media after revealing that she had her daughter's ears pierced the day after she was born.
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What's more, according to Newsweek, her ears were pierced while she was still in the hospital.

The mom - who shares clips under her baby's name Lara at the handle @laraticaofficial - took to TikTok to show followers how much her daughter had grown.

In a clip, she gives viewers a look at her daughter when she was a newborn in the hospital, then cuts to footage of her at three months old.

"The time [passed] too fast. Missing you being this small," the mom captioned the post.

But rather than focusing on how sweet Lara looked, many eagle-eyed users were quick to notice that she wore silver studs in her ears at both three-months-old - and when she was just a day old and still in the hospital.

For many viewers, the thought of piercing a baby's ears at such a young age was crazy.

Other viewers were even more concerned and left comments questioning whether piercing such a small baby's ears was safe or legal.

"How is that ear piercing even legal? I thought the age was 3mo," one wrote, while another commented: "I'd be so afraid she pulled them off and choked on them.."

However, not everyone was so against having a baby's ears pierced. Many users jumped to the mom's defense, pointing out how piercing a newborn's ears is common practice in many cultures.

"You all are so judgmental! In my culture, we pierce as infants. I have three daughters, and had theirs pierced none flinched, nor had any problems," one person wrote.

"In our culture/family, we also have ears pierced as soon as they are born," agreed another.

"Personal opinion....she is adorable and i totally love the earrings.... Who cares what other people say," chimed in a third.

Speaking to Newsweek, the unnamed mother - who lives in Colombia - said that piercing her baby's ears shortly after birth would have been less painful than if she'd been an older child.

When asked why she pierced the newborn's ears while she was still in the hospital, she responded: "Because I wanted to, and that it is possible in our country."

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