Woman Confronts Neighbor Who Has Allegedly Been ‘harassing’ Her Over Her Doorbell Camera

In a viral TikTok video, a woman confronts her neighbor who she claims has been ‘harassing’ her due to her doorbell camera.

“Young woman are targeted the most and experience this all the time,” the woman (user @aubriabeaux_) captioned the video. “You are not going to harass someone and expect for them not to stand up for themselves especially not me.”

The TikToker questions why her neighbor has a problem with the doorbell camera in her apartment. He responds, “It’s disrespectful to us.”

She goes on to say that her camera is allowed to be up in the hallway as it is a public space. The neighbor says he understands that, but the two continue to shout at each other.

“If you continue to fuck with me, it’s going to be a problem,” the creator says.

The video, shared May 24, received over 750,000 views.

“This man is a creep !! The camera is there for safety!” she added via text overlay on the video.

The TikToker previously posted two videos of the neighbor interacting with her doorbell camera, including flipping it off and waving his hand in front of it as he walks by.

In the comments of the confrontation video, several viewers sided with the TikToker.

“Anybody that has a problem with a camera has something to hide,” one user wrote.

“What the hell is he up to, that he is so concerned about being seen??? I am so sorry, this is bullshit, I’m glad you have the camera safety always first and I’m glad you’re sticking to it,” another added.

Others noted that doorbell cameras are a commonly used security technology that make many feel safer in their homes.

“I thought doorbell cameras were normalized now. Most of the people on my floor including myself have them,” one viewer wrote.

Another TikTok user acknowledged how it is within her right to have a camera: “It’s disrespectful how? It’s a camera on your door, the door to the apartment you pay for why are they so damn bothered.”

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