Mom Says Her Babysitter Fell Asleep, But People Can't Agree Who's In The Wrong

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after saying that her babysitter fell asleep while watching her child, but people can't agree who is in the wrong.
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TikTok user Danielle Mitchell - who goes by the handle @danimariemit - asked viewers at the beginning of the video if she was "overreacting" before proceeding to explain what happened.

Mitchell said she left the babysitter to watch her 10-month-old baby while she and her husband went out for a date night. She noted that she was nervous because the babysitter was the first person besides her and the boy's grandparents to watch their son alone.

Before the couple left, the creator said that the sitter rocked the baby to sleep within 15 minutes, so she and her husband departed for their date night.

At around 9:00PM, Mitchell decided to check the cameras to see how the babysitter was doing. Initially, she thought the sitter might be listening to an audiobook but after texting her to bring the dog inside, she saw no movement and realized the sitter was asleep.

Watch Mitchell's TikTok below:

"We watched the cameras to see if she would move and she didn’t," Mitchell said in the video, and further explained that the babysitter being asleep led to her panic as a mother.

The mother then asked viewers watching the video if her feelings were valid, and if it is "normal" for a babysitter to fall asleep when they’re watching kids.

As of this writing, the post amassed over 1.4 million times and 153.5K likes on the social media platform and sparked debate in the comments section.

Some users wrote that the babysitter wasn't in the wrong for falling asleep, saying that it is fine if the baby is asleep.

One user responded: "If the kid(s) are asleep, it is normal for the babysitter to fall asleep. However, the monitor should have been on and turned all the way up."

Another commented: "Dad of 5 here. Unless your child has some at-risk medical condition, it’s fine for the babysitter to sleep. IMO."

A third user said: "If the child(ren) are asleep, it’s totally ok for a sitter to be unless you specifically ask them to stay awake."

However other users agreed with Mitchell and wrote that babysitters in general should not be falling asleep when a child is their responsibility.

One user shared their opinion: "I would never even consider sleeping while babysitting. That’s incredibly irresponsible. It’s okay to be upset and have boundaries for your children."

Another wrote: "Used to babysit a lot as a teenager. I would NEVER sleep at someone’s house while on the job. And that’s even when the kids are older."

A third wrote that the monitor should've been on: "As an experienced babysitter, unless you’re staying the night, then definitely don’t fall asleep. Especially if [you're] only there till 9.30."

After seeing comments about whether the monitors are visible, the TikToker posted a follow-up video saying that the cameras are "in the open" and that everyone "knows they are being watched".

Mitchell also argued in an additional video that the babysitter was being paid, therefore the sitter should've been awake for those three hours.

"First of all, I am his mother, so I am a little more attuned to him than a random person," she said. "And second, I am not getting paid, but I am paying the babysitter.”

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