Mom Calls Out Of Work For Sick Son On Life Support. Boss Fires Her Via Text Message For It

In 2019, Crystal Reynolds Fisher was an employee at PS Food Mart in a Citgo gas station in Albion, Michigan. After realizing she couldn't make one of her shifts, she made sure to give her boss notice that she wouldn't be at work.
She had good reason for having to miss work: Her son was on life support in the ICU. She told her boss that until he was better, she wouldn't be able to work.

"I'm just letting [you] know my son is still on life support so until he is out of the bad I will not be able to make it to work," Crystal wrote in a text message to her boss, Dawn. "I can let [you] know as he starts to get better so that way I can return to work with no problems."

But her boss responded in a way Crystal could never have imagined.

"That isn't how we do things, so I'll accept you're quitting," Dawn replied.

Thus began a frustrating back-and-forth text conversation. Crystal was so horrified that she shared screenshots of her conversation — and it didn't take long before her story was being shared across the country and the world by outraged supporters.

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