Former Iheartradio Employee Says Mcdonald’s Marketing Team Sent Her 20 Work Emails On Her Wedding Day

A former iHeartRadio employee recently went viral on TikTok after alleging that one of her clients, McDonald’s, sent her 20 emails on her wedding day—with some of them referencing her wedding specifically and ‘cursing’ it.

In the first video, user @paunchypeach says that she had set her ‘out of office’ reply to say that she was currently getting married and would not be able to check emails. Despite this, she says that the McDonald’s marketing manager sent her around 20 emails. Some of these emails, she says, were rude or explicit in nature.

The second video offers more insight into the situation. This video quickly went viral, amassing over 143,000 views.

In this video, she says that her job was to work with McDonald’s on advertising. When she left for her wedding, she turned her ‘out of office’ notification on, offering three alternative contacts at iHeartRadio in case the McDonald’s marketing manager needed an urgent response.

Instead, the manager opted to contact her directly.

“I wish I still worked there so I could pull up the receipts because the emails were vile,” she says in the video. “‘It’s really unfortunate that you’re prioritizing your wedding over your clients. You’d think you’d figure out your work shit before going to your wedding,’” she quotes as an example.

In a third video, she notes that the stakes of the ads were not even that high.

“The best part of all of this is…that video I posted? I would bet $10,000 [it] got more impressions than the commercials McDonald’s was fighting with me about,” she says.

In comments, users made jokes at McDonald’s expense.

“How mcembarrassing for them,” one user wrote.

“They had allllll the McAudacity!!!!!!,” another offered.

“I’m not lovin’ it,” a third said.

Other users shared their personal experiences in similar roles.

“As someone who used to do their PR (agency, not in-house), I am fairly sure I know exactly who you are talking about,” one commenter claimed.

“Yep…agency Account Director here. It’s like they forget we’re actual people,” a second commented. “Sorry about that happening to you!!!”

Further commenters reiterated that vacation time should be vacation time—no emails allowed.

As one user wrote, “I unplug from work and forward my emails to my boss or designated person. no work at all on my days off.”

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