Landscaper Calls Police On Customer Who Allegedly Refused To Pay Him

After a landscaper called the police on customers who allegedly refused to pay him, he shared the aftermath in a viral TikTok video that has amassed over 2.1 million views.

The landscaper, user @vencegarcia713, posted the footage of the purported customer getting arrested along with on-screen text reading: “When a customer don’t want to pay up.”

In the video’s description and comment section, the TikToker provided more details about the situation, claiming that the customer refused to pay him $820 for the work he had already completed. The creator also said that the woman’s father allegedly asked the police officer to check his green card.

The landscaper later added that while getting arrested, the customer allegedly said that her husband was involved as well. This led some commenters to joke about her effectively “throwing him under the bus.”

However, many viewers showed support for the TikToker’s actions.

“Theft of services,” one user wrote. “Glad you got the police involved.”

Another added, “Now it’s going to cost her a hell of a lot more in court costs, and still has to pay now she has a record.”

A third asked, “Why did they do business with you if they were that concerned about your green card issue?”

Others were more divided, with several commenters saying that the user should have taken a 50% deposit rather than waiting for all the money at the end. “I’ll never understand why private businesses don’t do this,” one viewer said.

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