Jimmy John’s Delivery Driver Allegedly Dumps Customer’s Sandwich Order On Their Driveway Without Getting Out Of The Car

One Jimmy John’s customer isn’t happy with their service after their delivery driver allegedly dumped their sandwich order in the driveway.

The customer shared Ring security camera footage of the incident on TikTok, where they’re known as Meg Moreal (@megalicious718).

The footage shows a car, allegedly the Jimmy John’s driver, backing up into Moreal’s driveway. Then, the driver opens the car door and tosses the sandwich onto the concrete, several feet away from the porch. The driver doesn’t get out of the vehicle and immediately drives away.

“This is how my sub was delivered! Jimmy John’s store delivery person…” the video’s on-screen text says.

In another TikTok video, Moreal shared more Ring footage from a different angle, where the driver is clearly seen tossing the sandwich onto the ground.

“My Jimmy John’s delivery!!! Turkey sub w a side of salmonella!!” the video’s caption reads.

Despite the lackluster customer service, viewers couldn’t help but laugh at the incident.

“I’m sorry it’s the sound of it hitting the driveway that gets me,” one viewer commented with several laughing emojis.

“I find this hilarious,” a second viewer commented. In reply, Moreal wrote, “Right? I mean it’s so bad it’s funny! Lol.”

“It’s not a newspaper! Geez,” another viewer cracked.

“Contactless delivery taken to a new level! Safety is no accident!” someone else joked.

Multiple viewers speculated whether Moreal left a “good enough” tip and whether the size of the tip could justify the driver’s poor delivery.

“No matter what the tip that was not right that should’ve never been done,” one user said.

“Why does it matter if there was any tip at all. Food should be delivered at the door, with the doorbell rung, not thrown on the ground in the road,” a second user said.

A third user wrote, “Either show how much you tipped or hold that L.”

In reply to that comment, Moreal shared a video showing her receipt. The order total was $10.89, and Moreal tipped $2.18, which was about 20%.

Some viewers said a $2 tip was disrespectful.

“There’s your answer. that “tip” is disrespectful,” one viewer commented on the video.

“You are asking them to drive to your house so $2.18 is a little insulting considering gas prices now,” another viewer said.

Still, some viewers said Moreal did nothing wrong.

“Tip or no, delivery drivers have a job to do and should do it respectfully. Some people can’t tip $5 on a $10 order. I get that,” one user wrote.

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