Hero Hears Voice Coming From Padlocked Shed, Finds 6-Year-Old Boy Alone With Hands Tied

Juan Vaquero was renting a camper from his landlord and her boyfriend in Dallas.
Juan had gotten to know the landlord's 6-year-old grandson, as he was often in her backyard.

Juan was outside when he heard the sound of a faint, muffled voice. He went looking around in the dark, searching the yard with his phone flashlight — and traced the mysterious voice to a shed behind his camper.

However, the shed was padlocked. He called out to the person inside and realized it was his landlord's grandson.

Juan began recording their horrifying exchange as he stood outside the shed door.

When he listened to the boy explain why he was locked inside the shed, how long he'd been in there, and the conditions inside, Juan knew he needed to take action. He called child protective services that night.

Dallas police officers arrived to find Juan's landlord, her boyfriend, and two other children inside their house.

When they finally got the key to open the shed, they could not believe their eyes.

If it weren't for Juan and his decision to seek justice, things could have ended in absolute tragedy.

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