Groom Disappears During Wedding Photo Shoot When Bride Sees Him Saving Child From Drowning

Clayton and Brittany Cook tied the knot in their hometown of Kitchener in Ontario, Canada. Along with their photographer, Darren Hatt of Hatt Photography, they headed over to Victoria Park to snap some wedding shots along the picturesque bridge.
The newlyweds quickly noticed a group of little kids following behind them. Clayton saw them playing by the edge of the water and had a strange feeling something might go wrong.

While Darren took some solo shots of Brittany, one of the little boys was pushed into the river by another child. Suddenly, the boy found himself in distress.

By the time Brittany turned around, Clayton had vanished.

At first, she thought he was kidding around, but then she realized what her new husband was doing — right in the middle of their photo shoot.

Scroll down to see why Clayton and Brittany's wedding shots went massively viral.

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