Gran Of 17 And 24-Year-Old Husband Say They Want A Baby 'More Than Anything'

A grandma of 17 and her 24-year-old husband have spoken out about wanting a baby "more than anything" in spite of the incessant hate comments they receive about their age gap.
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Quran McCain and his 61-year-old wife, Cheryl, tied the knot last year after first meeting at a Dairy Queen store in Georgia. At the time, Quran had been working for her son, Chris.

A decade on and the pair are happily married and hoping to have kids together.

In fact, in a TikTok video posted by Quran, the pair responded to the following question, which they included in the clip's text overlay: "What do we want more than anything?"

In response, the pair enthusiastically responded to the self-posed question: "A baby. A baby. A baby."

The couple, who regularly post short comedy videos to the platform, receive their fair share of troll comments - namely, about their 37-year age difference.

In a video Quran posted earlier this month, the two revealed that commenters often slam Cheryl simply for her age. Poking fun at these sorts of comments, the happy couple shared those who leave such hate on their videos aren't typically adept at grammar, spelling or punctuation.

"Your old," trolls often write - instead of the correct "You're old."

In a video posted last year, they are seen reacting to multiple questions including: "Are y'all really looking to start a family?" Set to Drake's 'I'm Goin In', the pair share in the video that they are indeed hoping to have kids one day as they say "yeah" in unison.

They also respond to the question, "Have you looked into surrogacy or adoption?", indicating that they have indeed looked into these options.

"Do you think she will be able to take care of a child?" was another question to which McCain emphatically answered that his wife would no doubt be able to raise a child.

The couple state at the end of the clip: "We want a interracial love child [sic]."

In another video, McCain and McGregor reveal that they are looking for a surrogate mother.

They have managed to accumulate over 2.2 million followers on the TikTok page, but they insist that they are genuinely in love with each other as they continue to make tongue-in-cheek content together.

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