Couple Walks Into Cold Stone Creamery One Minute Before Close, Freaks Out When Workers Won’t Serve Them

In a viral video posted by @sillygeorgie on June 2, a TikToker credited as Keren Morales (@summerpandatehe) filmed a clip of an angry couple yelling at employees at a Cold Stone Creamery location.

The ice cream shop closed at 8:30 p.m., and a couple reportedly walked through the doors at 8:29 p.m. After employees refused service, the male customer cursed, threatened, and yelled at the employees.

The original video was deleted from Morales’s account, but the repost has garnered nearly 350,000 views.

The couple demands to be served, despite continually being told by the employees that the location was closed. As the situation escalates, the man proceeds to threaten an underage employee, saying, “You want to do this shit? I want you,” as he gestures towards the door, seemingly implying he intends to fight the worker. The employees then ask the couple to leave and threaten to call the police. In response, the male customer threatens to call Cold Stone’s corporate office and tells each employee they’ll get fired.

In the comments section, fellow retail and restaurant workers share their frustrations and experiences with customers showing up right before closing.

“Ppl always come in at closing acting entitled and expecting top tier service like we do not want to go home,” one user commented.

“The fact ppl act like this when they know… the place is closing is baffling to me,” another said.

“He wants to fight over ice cream?” a third asked.

The first part of the video is no longer online, but @sillygeorgie said in the comments section that, “it was just a black screen and them screaming the same thing.”

The video also went viral on Twitter after the argument was posted by @TheGoodLife_32. Users on the platform share the same criticisms of the couple.

“Tell me you’ve never worked retail or food service without telling me you’ve never worked retail or food service. They still have to clean all of that equipment and the store after close. GET OUT,” one Twitter user commented.

“…so being rude to those in service, being inconsiderate of their time, threatening a minor… all over some mf ice cream??,” another Twitter user said.

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