Christie Brinkley, 68, Dazzles Fans: 'You Still Can Rock A Bikini Like A 25-Year-Old'

Christie Brinkley has wowed fans with her latest bikini selfie.

The 68-year-old model took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a snap of herself lounging on a cabana in a blue two-piece swimsuit. In the photo, she can be seen leaning on her side, showing off her tanned legs and toned physique.

While Brinkley looked incredible in the picture, she wasn't actually supposed to be the main event. The Instagram post was intended to promote her organic wine brand Bellissima and share the exciting news that it was going to feature on the QVC channel.

"I’m still working on my Driftwood Cabana and my bikini body… so If I'm going to have a cocktail it’s def going to be my #zerosugar #zerocarb @bellissimaprosecco!!" the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model captioned the post.

"Tune in tomorrow Wednesday the 15th June I’ll be on @qvc with my bambinis which are our portable size 375ml bottles — approx 2 1/2 to 3 glasses — perfect for throwing in the cooler and for Summer entertaining!" she continued, adding: "I’ll be on in the 5:00 hour EST. I hope you’ll tune in for our special offers‼️"

Many fans took to the comments section to marvel over Brinkley's ageless beauty - and to insist that her bikini body and beautiful cabana both look more than summer ready.

"They both look 'finished' to me," one commented. Another wrote: "How is it possible you still can rock a bikini like a 25 yr old," adding: "you are such an inspiration."

"You look fabulous!!" a third wrote, before noting they'd be sure to catch Brinkley on the QVC channel: "I’ll definitely be watching, I love those bambinis."

The cover star has been a big advocate of body positivity in the past, speaking openly about how beauty doesn't need to have an age limit.

"A 60-year-old today doesn't look like a 60-year-old from the 50s," she told Yahoo Entertainment/SiriusXM Volume. '

"My generation is saying, 'Oh no, you're not going tell me I'm not supposed to do that at my age, that I'm not supposed to have hair past my shoulders, or that I'm not supposed to have a hemline at a certain length,'" she continued, adding: "This is the generation that is literally reshaping the numbers. Instead of those numbers shaping us and dictating to us, we're redefining those numbers."

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