Baristas Push Back at Claim Starbucks Has Been 'Scamming' Customers

This week, a TikToker received millions of views on a video accusing Starbucks’ sizes of containing the same volume of liquid, stirring controversy. The video received backlash for being “clickbait,” and its claims were debunked in another viral TikTok by two Starbucks baristas.

TikToker and musician Sueco (@sueco), who has over 7.1 million followers, alleges in a recent video with over 15.8 million views that coffee chain Starbucks’ three sizes of beverages—the 12 ounce tall, 16 ounce grande, and 24 ounce venti—are a “scam” and actually contain the same volume of liquid.

In the viral video, the TikToker shows three coffee cups of the varying Starbucks sizes, with two of the cups turned upside down, and pours coffee in between them from smallest size to largest.

“You guys are not going to believe this, Starbucks has been scamming us this whole time,” the TikToker says in the video. “It fits the same amount of coffee. Look…It’s even a little bit overflowing.”

However, in the video the TikToker turns the upside down cups toward himself, not revealing if the cups are truly empty. Many users in the video’s comments section say the claims are fake, pointing out the TikToker likely filled the bottom of the cups with styrofoam or another material.

“Gotta be something inside the cups taking up space,” one user commented.

“Clickbait cap,” another replied.

In a response video, which received over 925,600 views, two Starbucks baristas made a video pouring coffee in between Starbucks sizes in a store, demonstrating the sizes have a legitimate difference in volume.

“Fake news,” the baristas captioned the video.

Users in the comments section were outraged at TikToker Sueco for attempting to trick viewers.

“He’s got a tour coming so he’s just trying to get clout and his 5 minutes of fame,” one user insulted.

“It’s like a 5yr old doing a magic trick,” another attacked.

Others discussed misinformation on TikTok and said that people too easily fall for videos like these.

“You mean… a TikToker wasn’t telling the truth?! I’m shocked!” one person commented.

“The sad part is a lot of people will believe this,” another complained.

On the flip side, some users came for Starbucks, saying the company actually removes volume from their cold drinks by using too much ice.

“I mean sure, but a [venti] has the same amount that a tall cup can hold bc of all the ice they throw in there,” one user complained.

According to Starbucks’ website, while hot venti drinks are 20 ounces, venti iced drinks are 24 ounces—likely to account for some of the extra volume taken up by ice.

Some users in the comments section of the baristas’ video argued they deserved a raise.

“Companies really need to start providing bonuses for employees that promote their brands this way @Starbucks,” one user praised.

“Lmfaooo had to defend the bux,” one of the baristas replied.

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