Tom Hanks Furiously Confronts Mob After They Push Wife Rita: 'Back The F*** Off'

Tom Hanks has been filmed angrily confronting a mob of paparazzi after one of them accidentally shoved him wife.
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In a video that has since been widely shared across social media, the 65-year-old actor could be seen yelling expletives at the gathering mob, after enjoying a night out in New York City with wife Rita Wilson.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the incident occurred on Wednesday night (June 15), with the video showing the crowd gathering around the two 65-year-old actors outside of a restaurant in Midtown.

As the pair were leaving, a mob of photographers and fans could be seen crowding the famous couple. During the bustle, one person can be seen accidentally bumping into Wilson, causing her to lose her balance.

Check out the clip below:

"Stop it," Wilson shouted, as she attempted to find her footing.

An understandably frustrated Hanks then turns his attention to the mob, and can be heard shouting: "Back the f*** off!"

The Forrest Gump star added: "Knocking over my wife?!"

One person from the crowd can then be heard saying: "Sorry about that, Tom" - but the Oscar-winning star did not respond.

Fans have responded by praising Hanks for how he handled the situation, with one YouTuber commenting: "Can you blame him? Celebrities can't go anywhere without being swarmed. It's not the price for fame, it's a punishment.

"I know everybody wants to have an Instagram selfie with a celebrity they caught walking down the sidewalk, y'all need to give them some space."

"I certainly don’t blame him for reacting the way he did," a second added.

And a third wrote: "Stupid people, overzealous and shoving. I'm glad Hanks defended his wife and telling them to back "the f***" off ... This is why some celebrities don't even do any conventions or meet and greets because of idiots like these giving fans a bad name."

However, not everybody agreed with Hanks' response, with one YouTuber writing: "Tom kind of overreacting here. Oddly similar to Will Smith overprotecting his wife over a minor incident..."

Hanks and Wilson have been married for 34 years and share two sons, 25-year-old Truman and 31-year-old Chet.

She is perhaps best known to fans for her roles in movies like Jingle All The Way and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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