Amber Heard Shares Never-Before-Seen Texts Alleging Abuse Against Depp

Amber Heard has revealed a never-before-seen text message in which she claims Johnny Depp "did a number" on her.
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The newly-unveiled message dates from 2015 when the two actors were married. It's just one part of a large body of "evidence" Heard has turned over to NBC's Dateline after losing a multi-million dollar defamation trial against her ex-husband earlier this month.

In the Dateline special (which aired last night, June 17) Heard gave her first sit-down interview since the explosive court case came to a close.

She told NBC News' Savannah Guthrie that she had extensive "evidence" to release that would prove her allegations that Depp had been physically abusive to her during their tumultuous relationship.
Credit: Dateline/NBC

Credit: Dateline/NBC
Among the materials were text messages allegedly sent by the Aquaman actor to her father and therapist, which she revealed for the first time.

In one text - dated 16 December 2015 - Heard claims to have text her therapist saying: "Johnny did a number on me tonight. I’m safe and with my support tonight but I need some real help."

"Can I come tomorrow. I called earlier because I thought I had a concussion and didn’t know if I should have called police. But I have a nurse close to me," the message concludes.

Another message - allegedly sent from Heard to her father in 2014 - describes a violent altercation on an airplane.

"I keep not fighting back. He literally kicked me and called me a [redacted] in front of everyone on the plane. It’s humiliating," the text reads.

Alongside the texts, Heard also unveiled notes that she claims to be from her therapy sessions. "There's a binder worth of years of notes dating back to 2011 from the very beginning of my relationship that were taken by my doctor who I was reporting the abuse to," she told Guthrie.

The therapist's notes contain descriptions of how Depp allegedly beat his then-wife, including an explicit reference to a time he "hit her, threw her on the floor."

Judge Penney Azcarate - who oversaw Depp and Heard's court case last month - dismissed the binder of therapy notes as "hearsay" and barred Heard's lawyers from submitting it as evidence.

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