Customer Has Meltdown, Tries To Fight Taco Bell Employee Over Wrong Drive-thru Order

A viral clip that shows an altercation between a Taco Bell employee and a customer over a wrong order has gone viral on the video-sharing platform.

A text overlay in the video jokingly reads: “Them Mexican pizzas got ppl HOT,” and a hashtag in the clip’s caption reads “#mexicanpizza”, despite the individuals in the video speaking about chicken tacos. Posted May 21 by TikToker @sojosauyy74, the video has occurred nearly 81,000 views.

In the clip, it appears that the employee, Alex, tries to reason with the customer and explain why their order was incorrect. Alex tells the man that customers are usually asked if everything is correct on the screen. The customer appears to deny that he was ever asked to check the screen, and begins to yell about chicken tacos before stating, “You do not understand how serious this is.”

Alex, the employee, is told several times by his manager to calm down as he and the customer exchange heated words, as the customer insists that the employee “isn’t trying to help him at all.” Alex replies, describing the customer as “rude”, noting that he’s doing his best to assist him while being short-staffed.

The customer responded by inviting the Taco Bell employee to jump over the counter and fight him.

Many commenters shared that they felt Alex, the Taco Bell employee, was in the right and that he handled the situation on a high note by coherently expressing why the customer’s behavior was incorrect.

One user said, “My man Alex is a true legend…. All the way around.”

Another user scoffed, “Of course the manager wasn’t standing up for her employee.”

A third commented, “that worker was right, customers always think that can talk to people anyways they want because they are at work.”

Other users expressed shock at the customer’s behavior.

One user said, “yelling at another human over fast food should never be an option.”

Another user agreed, “All that over some Taco Bell.”

Some TikTok users felt that Alex was in the wrong.

One commenter said, “Alex just escalated the situation by confronting the man.”

Another agreed, “I’m with the customer there’s no reason he should have gone up there.”

A third commenter took an alternative perspective, saying, “We need to be respectful to these workers. It is hard enough for them with the labor shortage.”

Others just couldn’t believe that an altercation happened in the first place: “How have we not run out of people willing to throw down over a quesadilla?”

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