Tiktoker Calls Lyft Driver To Confirm They’re Ok With Their Guide Dog—But Driver Cancels After The Call

A TikToker went viral this week after claiming a Lyft driver canceled their ride upon learning they were traveling with a service dog.

In the video posted by user @my.eyes.ohara, someone can be seen calling a Lyft driver, who seems to be accepting of the service animal over the phone. However, soon after the phone call, he cancels the ride, leading to a dramatic reaction from the TikTokers in the video.

This Tiktok currently has over 338,000 views.

“Just making sure, because I don’t want us to have any problems when you get here or for you to cancel the ride or anything,” the TikToker says after explaining their situation.

“No problem, sir,” the Lyft driver responds.

However, it appears this actually was a problem, as he canceled the ride soon after the phone call.

As @my.eyes.ohara states in the text overlaying the video, not accepting a service animal is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“ADA law REQUIRES ride share companies (I.e. Lyft) to allow trained service animals in their car. Not doing so is against federal law,” the user writes in the video’s text.

Lyft itself supports this idea on its website, writing, “You’re required by the law and Lyft’s policy to always accommodate service animals, even if you have an allergy, religious or cultural objections, or a fear of them.” This site also offers drivers advice on how to handle service animals.

Despite these rules, drivers denying riders with service animals is a common issue, as @my.eyes.ohara writes.

“This is such a common issue with ride share drivers. This was reported to @Lyft & is not the first time it’s happened this week,” @my.eyes.ohara explained in the video’s caption.

In comments, users supported @my.eyes.ohara and encouraged them to take further action.

“If you can I say sue. Thats the only way Businesses learn!!!” one commenter shared.

“Until these companies have to start paying the fines for their “independent contractors” nothing will change,” another agreed.

Others shared their own experiences.

“I used to text drivers about my [service dog] just so they were prepared, but usually cancelled right away. Sometimes took hours to find a ride,” one commenter wrote. “[Now] I stopped giving heads up. If they cancel after text & give excuse, its hard to disprove. If they do a drive by its easy evidence of discrimination.”

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