Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Is Officially 25 And People Won't Stop Making Jokes

Camila Morrone marked a milestone birthday yesterday (June 16) - she turned 25!

And while the day was certainly a cause for celebration, for many social media commenters, it renewed interest in DiCaprio's dating history - namely, the fact that The Great Gatsby actor is known for dating women who are aged 25 or under.

In fact, it's widely been reported that the 47-year-old Oscar-winner has never dated a woman older than 25.

Taking to Twitter, one person shared a TikTok video featuring a series of pictures of DiCaprio and Morrone - set to the 1986 song 'The Final Countdown' by Europe. The video suggests that the model's days with her movie star boyfriend are numbered.

Needless to say, people had a field day on June 16 as they drew attention to DiCaprio's apparent preference for women in their early twenties. Some even wondered if Morrone would become the oldest woman the actor has ever dated.

“Happy Birthday sweetie!!! It’s time for us to break up,” one wrote.

“If they make it one more year, it will be both his longest relationship, and she will be the first 26 year old he has dated,” another chimed in.

"Happy bday to camila morrone who btw she expires today:( good memories, good heart but its the time for her to retire from leos romantic life. what an eventful day for me and my 20 years old body, leo im NEXT

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