Johnny Depp Could Sue Amber Heard Again After Recent Interview, Expert Says

Johnny Depp could sue Amber Heard once again following her latest interview on NBC, according to a legal expert.
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The 59-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean actor recently sued his ex-wife for $50 million as part of a defamation lawsuit over domestic abuse claims she made in a 2018 op-ed in The Washington Post.

Although the article did not mention Depp by name, his legal team argued it falsely implied he physically and sexually abused the 36-year-old Aquaman actor.

On Wednesday, June 1, seven jurors in Fairfax, Virginia, ruled in favor of Depp and awarded him over $10 million in damages.

Despite a jury ruling overwhelmingly in her ex-husband's favor in the recent trial, The Danish Girl actress refused to back down on her claims of abuse against him, saying she will stand by every word of her testimony until the day she dies.

Watch part one of the interview below:

Host Savannah Guthrie highlighted to Heard that Depp said that he never physically abused her, asking: "Is that a lie?" to which Heard responded: "Yes it is."

Nicole Haff, a New York-based entertainment attorney who works at Romano Law, revealed to the Daily Mail that this accusation could lead to Heard getting sued by Depp again.

"Yes. This interview could count as a new 'publication' under the law, which could spur a third lawsuit," the attorney explained.

However, Haff added that the Fantastic Beasts alum may not pursue legal action against Heard because she's already unable to pay the damages: "Heard's lawyers have already stated that she cannot pay the original judgment."
Credit: REUTERS / Alamy
Elsewhere in the interview, Heard disclosed how she felt about the six-week highly publicized trial, saying that it made her feel "less than human".

The actress described the crowds of Depp fans at the Fairfax, Virginia courthouse, saying: "Every single day I passed three, four, sometimes six blocks, city blocks, lined with people holding signs saying: 'burn the witch', 'death to Amber'".

"After three-and-a-half weeks I took to the stand and saw just a courtroom packed, full, of Captain Jack Sparrow fans who were vocal," she added.

Heard's full-length interview with NBC will be broadcast on Dateline on Friday (June 17).

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