800-Pound Man Is Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering Pizza And Is Forced To Live In Dad's Trunk

Back in 2015, a thirty-something Rhode Island man named Steven Assanti weighed 778 pounds. Desperate to change his eating habits and get to the root of his issues, Steven sought treatment at a hospital where the goal was for him to get to 550 pounds so he could undergo gastric bypass surgery.

"It's an addiction, and I realize that," Steven told CBS. "And it's a disease."
Steven lost 20 pounds during his three-month hospital stay — until one pizza changed everything.

Wanting to reward himself with a "cheat meal" for his weight loss, Steven placed an order to a local pizza shop and accepted the delivery from his hospital room. However, the pizza delivery violated his strict dietary plan.

The hospital kicked Steven out. Steven, on the other hand, blamed the staff for allowing the pizza delivery man to enter the building.

Left on his own and with nowhere else to go, Steven's father worried the hospital's decision would be a death sentence for his struggling son.

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