Zac Efron Says He Hopes To Make A 'High School Musical 4' With Original Cast

Zac Efron has revealed that he is open to a High School Musical reboot with the original cast.
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The 34-year-old actor had his breakthrough role by playing Troy Bolton in the 2006 Disney original movie, starring alongside other big names like Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Corbin Bleu.

The success of the first movie quickly resulted in a sequel, High School Musical 2, which premiered on Disney Channel in 2007.

The third and final film, titled High School Musical 3: Senior year, opened in movie theatres in 2008, and grossed nearly $253 million at the worldwide box office.
The main cast in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Credit: Everett Collection Inc / Alamy.
Efron revealed his interest in a franchise reboot during his press tour for the new Blumhouse horror film, Firestarter - adapted from the Stephen King novel of the same name.

When asked by E! News if we can look forward to a fourth installment, OG High School Musical fans got the answer they had been waiting for.

In a post to E!'s Instagram page, the overlaid text reads: "Would Zac Efron be interested in a High School Musical reboot?"

Without hesitation, Efron responds: "Of course. Seriously, having the opportunity in any form to go back and work with that team would be so amazing.

"Yeah, my heart's still there so that would be incredible, I hope it happens," he added.

Disney fans have questioned whether the actor was still interested in a new HSM film as he reportedly tends to avoid the topic.

In April 2020, the Greatest Showman star was set to virtually reunite with his High School Musical castmates in a Disney musical special called The Disney Singalong.

The musical special aired on ABC and the core cast - sans Efron - teamed up to sing a group rendition of the hit song 'We’re All In This Together'.

However, the leading man himself was not part of the ensemble, but instead introduced the cast before their performance:

Check out a clip from the virtual reunion below:

Whilst it was later confirmed that the star had technical difficulties and was unable to sing along with the original cast, fans still expressed their disappointment.

The franchise was also somewhat rebooted in 2019 with the release of a drama series spin-off, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+.

The series is set at the same high school as the original movie and follows the story of theatre musical-loving teenagers who decide to launch their own production called High School Musical. The show starred Grammy award-winning artist Olivia Rodrigo.

Firestarter will open in movie theaters on May 13.

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