Model Slammed After Saying Men Should Take IQ Test If They Want To Date Her

A model has been slammed online after saying men should take an IQ test if they want to date her. Check it out:

Candice Kloss, from New York, US, took to today’s (11 May) episode of Good Morning Britain in support of the debate of whether dates should be given the intelligence test.

The Mensa member hit headlines last year after revealing that men find her ‘intimidating’ due to her IQ of 136, which sits within the 'very superior intelligence' range.

Kloss, who is an OnlyFans model and has 110k followers on Instagram, stood by her opinion, saying she'll only date people with an IQ of 110 or above.

Only two people have taken the full test - which takes around two hours - so far, she told hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid.
Candice Kloss has said men should take an IQ test before dating her. Credit: Jam Press And while she said she tries to pass it off as a 'bit of fun', viewers at home weren’t quite sure what to make of her argument, with many criticising her method of finding her ‘Mr Right’.

"Would rather be single tbh," wrote one user, while another said, “SHE wants someone to take a test, REALLY??????”

A third wrote: "I am going to get back into dating at some point. Yes, intelligence is a factor but for me, I am looking for someone who has more than that such as common interests, goals and values. All of that has to be aligned.”

"What a mess," wrote a fourth user, with a fifth adding, "What is this rubbish?”

Despite the backlash, the model, who has been a member of Mensa since she was just 17, said she asks men to take the test as she ‘just wants to make sure it’s worth it to go on a second date’.
If the hopeful dates don't 'pass' the IQ test, they're 'out'. Credit: Good Morning Britain "There are a lot of men that are attractive but if they aren’t intelligent it takes away from good looks,” she told Jam Press.

"How can you enjoy time with someone if you can’t connect over conversation?"

Kloss continued: "Some people don’t care to keep up with current events which can be a turn-off.

"It’s attractive if someone picks up on things quickly, as well as emotional intelligence and a quick wit.

"Behavioural economics is my favourite topic, but it’s a lot of fun to hear anyone talk about something they’re experienced and enthusiastic about.

"Growing up I was a huge science and math nerd and still love maths."
The model has described herself as a 'huge science nerd'. Credit: Jam Press
The college dropout, who ditched higher education in 2011 in favour of OnlyFans, is very nearly considered a ‘genius’ - but as she said on the show, she only requires dates to score 110 or above.

"They need to be above average on the scale,” she explained.

"You don’t have to be a math whiz but you should be able to hold a conversation and be exceptionally smart in at least one subject.

"I'm attracted to intelligent (book-smart but also street-smart) men who have a good sense of humour, and are adventurous, straightforward and fun."

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