Workers Are Quitting After Claiming It's A 'Boomer Power Play' To Commute Into Work Again

During the height of the health crisis, when people who weren't used to working from home suddenly had to create makeshift offices in their spare space, they were a bit taken aback by how to make it work. For those with small apartments, it was hard to find the space. But eventually, as the year went on, people got used to the arrangement.
And certain elements were much easier. For example, working from home meant no commute. And for those who normally commuted into big cities for work, that shaved off significant commute time per day.

There are other benefits, aside from wasting time and money on the commute. Many parents had the time to see their children more. Some also cut back on day care expenses. So those workers are giving up a lot upon returning to an office.

The outpouring of people who want to stay remote is so great that people are quitting their jobs at a very high and alarming rate. In fact, Inside Edition reports that in April 2021, 4 million people had quit their jobs because their employers no longer offered the same flexibility.

Portia Twidt is one mom who no longer feels the need to work in an office. Being at home means she's more easily accessible to her kids, and she feels as if her work wouldn't be better if she did it in an office setting. She has a very good point.

"I felt like it was a boomer power play," Portia said. She, along with others, felt as if their bosses didn't think they were actually getting work done at home. But most people found themselves even more productive.

The companies that require all employees to come back likely won't provide raises or incentives. Instead, people — especially parents — have to rush to find accommodations for their children, which costs money. Based on what happened in 2020, many parents finally got a taste of what they were missing out on and realized they could easily complete their work while not worrying about traffic, weather, or all-day child care arrangements.

Portia is one of the many who spoke out about how things need to change. Watch the video to learn what others who quit office life have to say.

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