Woman's Ex Refuses To Leave Room While She Nurses Their Son And Threatens To Move Back In

Ending a marriage when you share children can be tough no matter what, but it is extra challenging when you have an infant with someone. As one mom recently shared on Reddit, a whole host of issues can come up that pertain to infancy, and those issues can make co-parenting a really unpleasant experience.

Her ex-husband gets two hours with their baby boy a day.

The woman explains, "My ex-husband (we’re separated) gets 2 hours with our son every day. If my son needs to be fed during his time, I make him go in the other room or I take our son into another room. For the first month he never said anything to me but I could tell he was annoyed by me doing this."

He got so mad he threatened to move back into their home.

"Yesterday, he finally had a fight with me over it. He said I was being ridiculous since he’d seen me naked hundreds of times and that I was purposely cutting into his time with our son. He wouldn’t leave the room when I asked him to so I ended up having to feed my son in front of him because he was hungry and crying. He told me today he was going to move back into our home."

Now she wants to know: Who is in the wrong?

The mom is understandably concerned and probably a little freaked out. She's taken to Reddit to find out if she's really doing something wrong, and people were only too happy to weigh in.

As one person put it: 'Previous consent does not equal current consent.'

Commenters were quick to reassure her that she was absolutely not wrong. As one person wrote, "He 'told you' he's moving back in? Nope nope nope. He does not have your consent to see any part of your body you don't want him to end of story. Previous consent does not equal current consent."

'Go to court.'

As a second person put it, it seems like there are some major control issues at play. They wrote, "He is trying to assert power over you, and it’s working. He is not entitled to you, your body, he has no access to you. If he wants to see his child, he can plan a time."

It also turns out the time isn't court-ordered.

The original poster added that her ex-husband is just showing up at her home, demanding to see their son. The court hasn't ordered this schedule; it's just happened. In light of that, another commenter said, "If it were scheduled she could probably prepare by feeding him ahead of time or whatever. I think she definitely needs to talk to her lawyer and set visitation times and do a hard line by either not answering the door or telling him they are unavailable if he just pops in (pending lawyer approval of course).

"She definitely doesn’t need to expose her body if she doesn’t want to that’s the whole concept of ex. He doesn’t get access to her in the same way he may have previously."

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