Woman Reveals She Showers Just Once A Week - But Claims Her Husband Is Cool With It

A woman has taken to social media to reveal the reasons why she showers just once a week.

TikToker Reina - who goes by the handle @reindrrop on the social media platform - stunned her 7600+ followers when she revealed in a post that she only showers once a week.

In a video that has amassed over 2.7 million views, Reina explained: "I shower once a week. You heard that right. Not just wash my hair once a week - I step into a bathing receptacle once a week."

But why? Well, the TikToker has several reasons why she doesn't like bathing - other than she just "doesn't like it".

"Reason one: the time commitment," she starts off by saying. "From warming the water up, getting into the shower, doing all of the necessary shower things, to getting out of the shower, to drying, to waiting for my hair to dry."

Check out her video below:

"Reason two: Wet hair," she added. "I hate the feeling of wet hair. And, no, I can't use a hairdryer because I hate the sound of a hairdryer."

Next up was reason three: "Skin issues." As Reina explained: "Since I started showering less [...] my eczema, my dry scalp - just all my skin issues have gotten better."

And finally: "Reason four: It's not wasteful. Both for water and products."

After explaining in-depth why she chooses to forgo bathing as much as many of us, social media users had A LOT of questions for Reina.

One of the big questions from viewers was about whether or not Reina was smelly as a result of not bathing. Well, in a follow-up post, she gladly answered that.

"Short answer: I probably do [stink]," she explained. "Humans are smelly. And come Saturday - the day before my shower day - I don't recommend that you shove your face into my armpit. It's probably not going to smell good."

However, she then explained that she does not "reek" as she does not sweat a lot and uses deodorant daily. She also says she worked with kids, who are very honest and would inform her if she was smelly.

In another post, Reina responded to one person who asked if her husband minded at all - to which she revealed that he does not.

Overall, Reina says a lot of the issue with her is down to it being a sensory issue - a lot like how some people cannot stand the textures of certain foods or sudden changes in temperature.

To find out more about Reina and her story, go give her a follow on TikTok at @reindrrop.

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