Woman Praises Male Gym-Goer For Actively Not Staring At Her While She Squats

A male gym-goer is being praised on TikTok after a girl caught him actively looking away from her during her set.

TikToker @pinkytoey took to the social media platform to share a clip of the sweet moment with her followers. After watching the guy's respectful reaction, many people took to the comments section to hail his behavior as a refreshing change from the "creepy" looks women often have to put up with at the gym.

In the video, the TikToker can be seen recording herself as she approaches the squat rack and gets ready to begin her set. As she does, she realizes that the guy opposite her was preparing to do the same thing at the same time.

When he notices that same thing, the polite gym-goer steps back and says she can go first. As he waits patiently, the video zooms in on his face to highlight how he averts his eyes and stares up at the ceiling so she doesn't feel uncomfortable.

Check out the video below:

The TikToker labels this as a "classic gym guy moment of looking somewhere else to not make a girl feel uncomfy," adding that her sports bra "doesn't have the best coverage."

She shared the clip to her TikTok page on May 4, making her feelings towards the guy very clear in the caption: "gym guys like this >>>."

Since being posted, the video has racked up over 3.4 million views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Meanwhile, it's clear from the comments section that he isn't the only guy who has mastered the art of looking distracted so as not to make women feel uncomfortable.

"We call that the ‘oh wow nice lights,'" one user joked, while another wrote: "That’s the 'oh the ceiling actually is white, nice'", and a third commented: "Ah the classic 'how many square feet does this gym have' stare."

A fourth wrote that they had used this technique so many times that they knew their gym inside out. "I can probably tell u how many dots are on the floor of my gym due to the specific interior design pattern," the commented.

In response to several comments calling her out for recording him, @Pinkytoey also added in a comment that the guy in the video also gave her permission to post the video - so no harm done here.

And despite other commenters hoping for a gym romance and calling on the TikToker to "marry him", @Pinkytoey revealed that she's already in a relationship.

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