'Everything Keeps Shoving Me In The Direction Of Forced Birth': Woman says her insurance is backtracking on coverage of her sterilization

As the conversation on women’s reproductive rights swirls in the wake of the leaked Roe V. Wade decision draft, many have taken to TikTok to discuss their struggles with healthcare. One preschool teacher, in particular, expressed her frustration on the platform after her insurance backtracked on covering her sterilization.

MadiMax, who posts under the username @txamazon, claimed in a TikTok video she was trying to “do the right thing and prevent unwanted pregnancy” for herself. Madi opted for sterilization because she says other methods of preventing a pregnancy either were too traumatic for her or affected her health, and she doesn’t want kids. The creator also says she lives in a state where abortion is illegal, mentioning in the comments section that she was based in Houston, Texas.

After several conversations with her insurance, Madi claims once the time to schedule the surgery came around, the insurance company increased the copay from $200 to $900. “They’re just not gonna cover stuff anymore,” she says in the video.

“And that doesn’t include anesthesia,” she continues.

“Everything keeps shoving me in the direction of forced birth,” she wrote in the caption.

Madi’s video has been viewed more than 84,000 times since it was posted on May 19. Hundreds of comments were criticizing the American healthcare system, calling insurance companies “evil.”

“Got to ‘love’ the American Healthcare insurance,” a top comment read.


In a follow-up video, which Madi titled “having a uterus in America sucks,” she claims the surgery that is covered 100% by her insurance is much riskier and less effective than the one she wants.

“The one I would have to get to have it be fully covered, they go in and they wreck you to create scar tissue so an egg can’t be fertilized,” she says tearfully. “Make it make sense.”

Other viewers urged her to create a GoFundMe so they can send their financial support during this time. While she did share the GoFundMe link in the comments section, Madi clarified that her doctor will be appealing to the insurance company. Still, other users expressed their sympathy and offered advice on how to navigate the healthcare system.

“Girl I am so sorry. I’m convinced insurance companies are actively trying to kill people,” one user wrote.

“I wish I could be shocked, but I’m not. Insurance doesn’t think of us as people. I’m so sorry,” another commented.

“They only recently believed us about menstrual pain,” a third wrote. “How are you surprised?”

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