Woman Is Harassed On Beach Simply For Being A 'Fat Person Trying To Exist'

A 24-year-old influencer has revealed the cruel fatphobic abuse she receives at the beach.
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Brooklyn Allen has been creating and sharing fashion content on TikTok and Instagram since 2020.

She's best known for her beloved Skinny or Fit series, where she recreates outfits on plus-size bodies to determine whether they're actually stylish or just glamorizing being thin.

While Brooklyn has over 160,000 followers on TikTok, she's revealed on the platform that she also has to deal with hate directed at her size.

In a recent behind-the-scenes clip, the influencer caught people shouting horrific abuse at her on camera while she was trying to film a brand collaboration video at the beach.

The TikTok was supposed to be a fun, lighthearted ad for an SPF brand, and Brooklyn wanted to get some footage of herself applying sunscreen by the water.

However, when she tried to film the video, other people at the beach began yelling cruel comments at her. In the BTS clip, they can be heard saying things like: "You ain't cute" and "You're f***ing fat."

Brooklyn uploaded the video where she had captured their abusive words to TikTok with the title: "POV, you're a fat person trying to exist," and a caption reading: "Met some really sweet followers today. And y’all think fatphobia isn’t real lmao!"

Unsurprisingly, Brooklyn's TikTok was met with a flood of love and support in the comments. In an interview with BuzzFeed, the influencer went into more detail about what had happened.

"Neither I, nor my friend, picked up on the fact that they were yelling at us until she started making out what they were saying. I tried really hard to block it out so I could get my job done, but it took a lot of patience. They screamed and laughed in the background of my photos and pictures the entire time I was there," she said.

Brooklyn went on to say that while she has faced fatphobia before, "I have never been screamed at by a complete stranger, and I truly hope I never experience that again."

She also said that, to combat this kind of discrimination, people need to "learn to be more accepting of differences."

"There’s no good or bad bodies, and once people learn that, they’ll begin to heal and grow," she finished.

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