Guest Shows Hotel’s $50 ‘restocking Fee’ If Items In Fridge Are Simply Moved

A hotel guest made a TikTok video reminding people why they probably shouldn’t touch anything in the mini-fridges in their hotel rooms that they don’t intend to consume.

The video, posted by @retrofur07 on April 17, features a notice on the inside of a fridge door. “Movement of items for personal storage will result in a $50 restocking fee. Please place personal items on the courtesy shelf provided,” the notice reads.

According to the note, the TikTiker is at the Delano Hotel in Las Vegas.

“No wonder our parents told us not to open these,” the text overlay of the video reads.

The video was viewed over 2 million times, with users sharing similar experiences with hotels, especially hotels in Vegas, in the comments section.

“There is one hotel in Vegas that as soon as u open it they charge u 100, even if [you] don’t use anything. They don’t give [you] enough space to put leftovers,” one claimed.

“At least they provide a shelf for you to use most don’t,” another said, to which @retrofur07 replied: “The shelf was an inch wide.”

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